Seven-time Gyoza champion from Japan

Bangkok boasts delectable and affordable international cuisines served the Thai way. Howbeit, some traditional and cultural cuisines such as the gyoza of Teraoka Gyoza, can only be done perfectly through Japanese hands.
Japan has cultivated a positive image of the country among its citizens and the citizens of other countries. Because of its charm and beauty, it has captured the eagerness of travelers and explorers to visit the country, discover their culture and be amazed with their traditions.

Journey after journey developed the birth of Teraoka Gyoza.

Teraoka Gyoza is one of Thailand’s best and largest gyoza restaurants. It offers authentic Japanese gyoza at over 4 branches in Thailand. It boasts having the number one and the 7-time gyoza champion from Gyoza Stadium in Tokyo, Chef Teraoka Yuichi.

Standing as one of the successful Japanese restaurants in Bangkok, Teraoka Gyoza aims to show who and what lies behind the creation of their famous gyoza menus. Because of this, the brand gave us the opportunity to showcase our talents and a chance to deliver the most of our services.

One of the services we successfully completed for Teraoka Gyoza is the video production. Upon reviewing the qualities of the brand, our team immediately created a script that could express the importance and strength of the brand which is the Chef himself, who makes authentic gyoza overseas—with the use of fine quality Japanese ingredients and incomparable cooking style.

From Bangkok Sphere quickly proceeded to Pattaya, where one of their branches is situated and where the video shoot will take place—the place has wider space and where the Chef was based, then.

After several hours of preparation, our team started taking videos of the Chef making different gyoza menus together with other staffs. Though there was a video shooting going on, the restaurant still continued its operation. Luckily, all tasks were successfully fulfilled at the end of the day.

Thanks to Teraoka Gyoza, we have once again gained a very significant experience.
The video aims to display the uniqueness of the brand, the authentic way of cooking and other gyoza twists which you can only find at Teraoka Gyoza.