A touch of modern tranquility

Ever wondering where all these beautiful cabin crews are when in Thailand? They are pampering themselves in a place of exclusively calm atmosphere – Infinity Spa. Infinity Spa is known for the quality service they provide and is one of the cabin crew shelters when it comes to relaxation and tranquility when landing in Thailand. They offer services from foot massage to full body massage, pedicure, manicure and the like. It is a place to eliminate stress and a shelter to calm and set a mood that will fuel you to go through your errands.

We have just launched Infinity Spa’s website in minimalist style, and under Responsive Web Design, presenting an absolute user-friendly site. In here, you will not just see captivating photos, but also the services that the spa offers plus its transparent treatment prices. Apart from web development and design we offered, we also have taken photos of the place which are now being displayed and published in the spa’s website. This opportunity opened a gateway to a more relaxing journeys in Thailand not just for cabin crews but for everyone.

The Land of Smile offers incredible relaxation spots and professionals. One of the most outstanding professional relaxation providers is Infinity Spa. Infinity Spa is located inside the Bangkok Business Area, easily accessed through sky train or expressway. The spa gathers clients from all over the world into a relaxation feast due to its high-standard service and accessible location. Cabin crews, travelers, and expats are just some of their clients.
The spa aims to provide impressive services even when clients aren’t in Bangkok—it wishes to be remembered even when clients travel back to their respective countries, homes and destinations. As a result, Infinity Spa now offers scrub packages and relaxing, detoxifying, and energizing oil and essential oil bottles that will make you remember their soothing services.

Thailand is not just considered as the Medical Hub of Asia but is also one of the cosmetic centers of Asia and probably the world. It has laid an array of cosmetic products that benefit the entire body—from head to toe.
Because Infinity Spa understands its customers need of skin maintenance, it also presents 3 different body scrubs—the seaweed, tamarind and green tea—all were designed by our creative communication designers at Sphere.
Our efficient team also conducted researches and surveys to find the best bottles that perfectly fit each product. According to the approved bottle measurement and colors, we moved our wands and created long-lasting designs that is capable of attracting even the next generations to come.

Essential oil is also one of the many products that Infinity Spa offers. This product helps enhance your mood, increase cognitive function and relieve pain. It goes with a 100ml bottle that was designed considering the benefits it provides
and also taking into consideration Infinity Spa’s corporate identity—color and style.

The essential oil also offers 3 different aromas as the Aroma Oil category—Relax: Lavender & Chamomile, Detox: Lemongrass & Pink Grapefruit, Energize: Geranium & Citrus Fruits. Branding Infinity Spa’s product is both a challenge and an opportunity. Our dedicated Sphere team also worked for the package design of the mentioned product. As the spa presents modern and minimalist styles, product design moved on the right direction and path. Its bottles and boxes hold essential details such as the quantity, ingredients and more.

Infinity Spa’s Aroma Oil offers relaxing, detoxifying and energizing products, which all need 3 different modern and minimalist package designs. Our team efforted to canvass bottle designs in different parts of Bangkok. From one store to another, they carry bottles that were yet to be approved by Infinity Spa’s founder. After the bottle size and form has been approved, our team immediately proceeded to creating various designs which the owner also chose. After few revisions, we proudly present Sphere’s bottle and box designs for Aroma Oil.

Relax: Lavender & Chamomile, provides healing on damaged skin goes with a purple color and a design that patterns with lavender flowers. Detox: Lemongrass & Pink Grapefruit, detoxifies and helps rehydrate and firm all types of skins. Sphere designed its bottle and box following the pattern of the lemongrass, including its lemon color. Energize: Geranium & Citrus Fruits, helps you revitalize and freshen your skin. To maintain consistency, Sphere designed bottle and box following the pattern and color of citrus fruits.

Using the Canon 5D Mark III, the completion of the project has made possible. After two days of production and few more days of post-production, we were able to deliver numbers of beautiful photos, flaunting minimalist design and serene, and clean environment. It was indeed a beautiful experience working with happy people from Infinity Spa. It has made our tasks merrier and lighter in every possible way.